Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feathers on your skin

Tattoo-A tattoo is made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Yea we know, but as if we care about the definition of the word tattoo. What we all want is something with meaning, or at least something that looks wicked good on your skin. Pick a spot. Wrist, arm, shoulder, hip- the spot is best chosen wisely, cause if you dont wont your parents to know or your future employee, you might wanna pick a non visible one. Personaly i find some shoulder tattoos beautiful, and some just below your neck are equally sexy;). Some tattoos are carefully planned, some a spurr of the moment(drunken night in Barcelona-i hope thats gonna be MY tattoo:D)
The most IN (or just the most seen)tattoos at the moment are really beautifully made and designed;

These ones are by far my favourites, and hopefully something like that will soon grace my shoulder as well:D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bang Bang i shot you down

Hi everyone and welcome to the faculty! No worries, i won't be giving grades or detention here, just tips and news of the eternal world known as Fashion ;).
My name's Tessa and I'm from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia -such a beautiful country, and we Croatians are such a nation. But enough with the whole introduction, more info will come with other posts. This one is dedicated to one croatian fashion brand; ELFS. Every year Zagreb has it's version of Fashion Week. It's called Cro-a-porter and it hosts many popular croatian designers and even some exciting foreign designers.
It's allways fun to come and see not just the show but the people that come and show of their unique fashion styles. Sometimes it's even more fun to watch the audience than the designers.
Thank God this year ELFS put on a great eyecandy show(called MaFIA LADY) for us and I couldn't take my eyes from the runway. BANG BANG first thing that your eyes zoom in are the revolver themed accesoires. From tights to belts it was all mafia-godfather steaming guns and you were just waiting for the models to start shooting around(thank god they didn't :). Even though ELFS started as a fun colorfull brand(and they still are) this time they put in more darker colours, combined with lace and smoky eyeshadow = you got yourself a steamy outfit for a hot night out!
Here are some photos from the show...

 Note the tights with the guns looking like they are ready to be pulled out any sec.
After looking at those tights i realized that theme-based tights must be a hit this year since House Of Holland has some delicious looking pairs; check'm out!

Such eye candy for legs <3.
Anyway that's all from me for now. Now get out and get yourself some cool themed tights to make the winter oh so pleasurefull!